Pulwama Youth found dead in her room news goes viral

Pulwama Youth found dead in her room news goes viral

Pulwama Youth: A 28-year-old individual was discovered lifeless, suspended within the confines of his abode in the Puchhal region of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district this Wednesday.

Reliable sources, in communication with the News Agency, disclosed that the unfortunate soul hailed from Puchhal in Pulwama, and his lifeless body was found suspended within the confines of his residence.

Prompt action by the family ensued, as they expeditiously transported the deceased youth to the District Hospital Pulwama. Regrettably, the medical professionals at the hospital declared him lifeless upon arrival.

Pulwama Youth Dead Case

The sources further revealed that the departed soul had been grappling with a bout of depression in the preceding days, a psychological burden exacerbated by his recent setback in the Junior Engineer (JE) examination. Despite the narrowness of his failure, destiny dealt a cruel hand.

In light of this tragic occurrence, authorities have set in motion inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC). A meticulous investigation into the circumstances surrounding this lamentable incident is now underway.

Pulwama Youth Case Study

This distressing incident unfurled in the Puchal area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, casting a pall over the community. Syed Asrar Andrabi of Qasimabad Puchal village, the 28-year-old victim, met his untimely demise within the confines of his home during the night bridging Tuesday and Wednesday.

The local populace, particularly the bereaved family, friends, and kin, grapples with the profound impact of this loss, underscoring the exigency of addressing mental health challenges among the youth and advocating for robust support systems in these testing times.

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