Airtel Jio 5G Plans: Prices will be increase up to 10% Reports

Airtel Jio 5G Plans Prices will be increase up to 10% Reports

Airtel Jio 5G Plans: According to a report in the Economic Times citing analysts, Bharati Airtel and Reliance Jio, the two largest telecom operators in India, are likely to remove their unlimited 5G data plans in the second half of 2024 and charge at least 5–10% more than the current 4G tariff in order to drive monetisation and boost revenue growth. This move would be a major blow to 5G users in the country.

Notably, in October 2022, Reliance Jio and Bharati Airtel introduced 5G services to the nation. Since then, they have been providing unlimited 5G services at the same 4G rates.

Airtel Jio 5G Plans – Update

But it appears that the days of unlimited 5G plans are drawing to an end. Both companies intend to roll out 5G services throughout the nation and will increase their focus on monetization as adoption rises.

With more than 125 million 5G users between them, the two companies have also been at the forefront of the 5G revolution in India. In addition, by the end of 2024, there should be more than 200 million 5G users in the nation.

when the free unlimited 5G offer expires?

According to an ET report that cited a note from Jefferies, in order to improve adoption and gain market share, Airtel and Jio could boost their 5G plans by 5–10% (in comparison to their current 4G plans) while providing 30–40% more data.

In order to improve RoCE (return on capital employed), the report also stated that mobile tariffs may rise by at least 20% in the September quarter of 2024.

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India still has the lowest telecom service tariff in the world, at $2 per month, so there is still room for telcos to raise prices, according to the ET report, which cited data from the International Telecom Union. Furthermore, Jio, Vi, and Airtel last raised their tariffs by 19–25% in November 2021—more than two years ago.

According to reports, Jio, Vodafone Idea, and Airtel will raise rates first, increasing revenue for the mobile sector in India in 2024. India’s mobile sector revenue is predicted to increase from an estimated ₹2,46,800 crore in FY24 to ₹2,77,300 crore and ₹3,07,800 crore in FY25 and FY26, respectively, based on CLSA estimates that ET cited.

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